2023/2024 BAND DUES

The band dues this year will be $395.00 when paying by cash in person or by check (please include your child’s first and last name in the memo line and make checks payable to UA Band Boosters) to the PO box: PO Box 218291, Columbus, Ohio 43221.

If you prefer to pay by a credit card, the band dues will be $407.11 due to an additional processing fee by the Square site, payment link.

The band dues cover Band Camp, clinician fees, drill writing fees, some pre/post home-game-party meals, banquet, uniform fee, and a t-shirt.  The band dues this year also include accessories (like spats, gloves, and suspenders) for first-year marchers.

Information from previous years is retained here for future reference.


2022/2023 BAND DUES:

The band dues this year will be $395.00.

The band dues cover Band Camp, clinician fees, some pre/post home-game-party meals, banquet, uniform fee, and a t-shirt.  The band dues this year also include a new summer uniform of a dry-fit gray t-shirt and black shorts.

Optional band yard signs are available for an additional fee of $50.

EZ-PAY: Parents will see an optional $50 payment in EZ-Pay this year. (Please note that it may not appear as optional in EZ-Pay, but it is optional.) This payment is targeted at parents of students who use school instruments (percussion, mellophones, sousaphones, euphoniums). While some school funds and Booster funds go to the purchase and maintenance of these instruments, the costs are significant, and parents are being asked to contribute if they are able. This fee is not mandatory, but families who are able to contribute are strongly encouraged to do so. These funds will be used strictly for the maintenance of the school-owned instruments. Thank you!


2021 / 2022 Band Fees

Band fees this year will be $250; note that this is a significant reduction from most years because of the reduced costs for band camp. However, some costs are still to be determined, so a supplemental fee may be required later in the year. While this year is likely to be much better overall than last year, there are still many question marks, so we appreciate your patience on this. Payments should be made by check.


2020/2021 Band Fees.

Participation fees (which includes Band Camp, pre/post-home game meals, banquet, marching uniform rental fee, and a t-shirt) for the 2019/2020 season are $470*. Band yard signs and summer uniform polo shirts are also available for a fee. Band trips occur every other year, 2020 is a trip year in which the band will travel to Disney.  Participation in the trip is optional and will cost an additional $1,099**, making the total fee for those students $1,569.

*Students not attending camp deduct $175 from amount due.  Please note, students not attending band camp will not be written into first show.

** $1,099 is an estimate based on the number of buses required for transportation.  The fee may fluctuate if there is a change to the number of students attending.

Families may pay the fees per the schedule below or pay in full. Payments can be made by check (please include your child’s name in the memo line and make checks payable to UA Band Boosters) and mailed to: Upper Arlington Band Boosters P.O. Box 218291 Columbus, OH 43221. Alternatively, you may pay by credit card via PayPal, fees apply.

2019/2020 Fee Schedule

Date Due                            Band Fees + Disney 2020          Band Fees (no Trip)

March 1, 2019                          $100                                         –

May 1, 2019                              $195                                         –

June 1, 2019                             $235                                         $235

July 1, 2019                              $430                                         $235

September 1, 2019                   $195                                         –

November 1, 2019                    $195                                         –

January  1, 2020                       remaining balance*                  –

Total                                        $1,569*                                   $470

(Profits from personal fundraisers will post to Charms and can be applied to reduce your fees. Check your charms account or contact the treasurer, Christine Foulke, with questions to see what funds have posted to your account due to these personal fundraisers).

Registration and Communication

Marching Band uses

  • The 8 to 18 on-line system for registration (link coming soon) and as a repository for forms (medical, transportation, etc)
  • Charms– for tracking fees (including tracking of individual fundraising efforts), locker assignments, use of school instruments and uniforms
  • Sign-up Genius (link coming soon) – for volunteer opportunities
  • Newsletters from the directors  – Including the Remind texting notification to communicate with the students and parents
  • Newsletters from the boosters – to communicate upcoming meetings and volunteer opportunities

For additional information, visit the FAQ section.

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