The photos taken on July 28th are available for families that wish to purchase them.  A make-up day will be scheduled for those families that wish to have an individual photo taken.  We do not have that date scheduled yet.  Click here for instructions to access and order pictures. Special thanks to Stacy Pilutti for all of her help in coordinating picture day!

Remember these helpful hints….

Unique Photo Buttons
When ordering buttons, please note the separate image with the overlaid text and musical note. This file was uniquely created for this year’s band and is designed specifically for photo buttons.

Avoiding Unsatisfactory Results
Using the photo button image for wallets or other small prints will produce an unsatisfactory crop that cuts off portions of the text or creates excessive white space if the image is reduced to fit into the printing area. Likewise, using the photo button image for a large print will result in unsatisfactory quality as the finite number of pixels are degraded as the file is enlarged.

UAHS Band Program