Hi Disney Families,
We have good news for you! The refund from the travel agency has arrived. In preparation for the distribution of the refund money, it is imperative that we receive a response from each student’s family. All emails should be sent to liz6mueller@gmail.com.
Here are the options for your responses:
1. Please send the refund money to me. Include name/address where it should be sent.
2. Apply the refund money to my student’s Charms account for future use, such as upcoming registration, future trips, etc.
3. Apply the refund money to a younger sibling’s account for future use. Specify name of younger sibling.
4. Donate a portion or all of the refund money to the general band fund or a specific student’s account.
No refunds will be issued until I have heard from each family. Our treasurer has been working extremely hard in her workplace to help our community during these difficult times, which is why all emails should be directed to me. Please help me to lessen her burden. I will do all I can to support and help her during this process.
Your prompt response will be very helpful so that we can expedite the process.
Stay safe and healthy!
Thank you,
Liz Mueller, Booster President

UAHS Band Program