Refunds are coming

Thanks for your patience.  The boosters did receive the refund check from Bob Rogers, it was in one lump sum.  The task of allocating that money falls on one person, our treasurer, Christine Foulke.  She must reconcile each student’s account sorting out the following details:

  • identify what portion of a student’s fees were covered by fundraising.  To maintain our status as a nonprofit, we cannot refund any money that came in through a fundraising effort. For example, if you earned $100 for selling candy bars, that money will be allocated to future fees as opposed to being refunded.
  • Some families had a blend of scholarship, fundraising, and direct payments, Christine needs time to make the appropriate adjustments to properly allocate refunds.
  • Some students had more than one household contribute to their Disney fees, that along with any fundraising must be taken into account to properly allocate refunds.

This takes time, and she will be using her vacation next week to complete this process.  We hope to begin sending refund checks the week of June 15th.


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