The car wash will be on August 13, 10 am to 2 pm at the UA Municipal Center (3600 Tremont, but please enter on the Kenny Rd side).

This is a great opportunity for students to earn money for their individual accounts to pay for the Disney trip. Student and parent volunteers needed- look for a signup link in your UAMB News emails.

We are excited for all of the students and families who have been hard at work selling tickets for the carwash on Saturday!  Your efforts are paying off! We have received record breaking numbers as donations and purchases keep arriving via Venmo.  Keep up the sales efforts and notify Becky Mcclung (773-398-6277) or have your child reach out to mine (Gavin McClung) if you need more tickets.  I’ve had to replenish tickets for so many students and I’m excited to gather those packets on Saturday and tally the totals.  Here are some last minute reminders:

  • Send your child volunteer on Saturday with clothes in which they can get wet and wearing plenty of sunscreen. The high is 80 degrees on Saturday and sunny so the weather looks perfect!  We’ve lucked out.
  • Don’t forget to send soap, sponges, drying racks or anything you’ve signed up for.
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR PACKET IN THE YELLOW ENVELOPE!  Bring it to the table at the carwash as soon as you arrive and hand off to an adult. After all this work selling, it would be a shame if your family didn’t get credit for your sales.
  • Car washers have probably signed up for a 2 hour time slot in the morning (10:00-12:00) or the afternoon (12:00-2:00).  This is a fun  event and we won’t mind if students stay and wash for both sessions. However, there is no food planned so make sure to eat before you come and bring a snack if necessary.
  • There are still more spots available to participate in.  All participants will be counted and funds donated (that are not presales)will be split between the participants.
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